About BuyMyAct

We realise some of the best acts are yet to be discovered! The Buy My Act website and Apps allow you confidently choose the act you want for your event. Viewing previews of the artist high quality videos gives you a glimpse of their performance whether it be on stage or on the pavement!
We have created a single point of access to the best collection of live performers, bands and DJ’s from across the world and every genre of music including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, R & B, Soul, Poetry, Hip Hop, Reggae to country music.
Don’t delay, start your search today!


I worked in events management for over 10 years, where I managed small-large events including seminars, weddings, parties and festivals.
The idea for BMA came several years ago when sourcing a Arpetan wedding singer; the process was a complete nightmare, finding a talented singer for such a special occasion meant trawling through all the social media sites and my connections but why isn’t there a one-stop-shop for all musically creative artists!
I want a user-friendly site that provide all the information you need with a few clicks. The advance filter permits multi-option search functions, you can choose acts based on comments, star ratings, number of views or even through the ‘Hottest act of the Week’ list.
I am excited knowing that BMA site has been used by events’ organisers, talent agents, managers, promoters, artists and small businesses such as bars, restaurants and regular people organising their own event!
That brings me huge satisfaction


I started out my career as a music promoter working with band managers and international artists. I’ve worked in LA, New York, London, Africa and Europe ensuring the artist needs are met on and off stage.
A huge part of my job was advertising, and this is why the BMA is such a great idea, as it gives the artist a global platform for self-promotion, in addition to increasing opportunities for amateur and less well known artists that do not have a social media presence.
My focus here is on the artist experience and ensuring they benefit from our offers and, ultimately, the BMA propels the artist to international success!


I manage a small team of officers that research and analysing the data and trends, we are the ones in constant communication with our audience. I also lead on the BMA social media content on all popular sites to ensure we’re reaching the correct audience.
We conduct surveys for you to tell us what you think about BMA and I develop the strategies to improve our service and products.
I want to ensure both subscribers and browsers to consider the BMA website/App as their first option as, we’ve cut out the need to visit numerous sites to secure a unique act, there’s no need to know the name of an artiste of DJ as their work speaks volume, via previews of their performance.
I am focusing on creating an international brand, known by worldwide the largest music companies!

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